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Miss Hall’s has been built, sustained, and guided by our alums. We’re glad you’re back. We want to hear your news, including gatherings with alums, graduations, new jobs, marriages, new family members, or other news you want to share!

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Alumnae are vital not only to the history of Miss Hall’s, but also to our future. Our worldwide network of alums guides current students on their independent study projects, helps fellow graduates find new careers, contributes to the Annual Fund, and learns together throughout their lives.

They also tend to be leaders in their own communities, helping to improve their corner of the world for others.

After almost 30 years I only just started giving back to MHS. I don't know why it took me so long. MHS has always been with me and my time there were the best years of my education.


Reunion 2024

Mark your calendars for May 17-19, 2024, celebrating classes ending in 4 and 9. To register or see the weekend schedule, click below.

Reunion 2024

Connection is everything

Scenes from recent alumnae events


Global Changemakers

Miss Hall’s alums create change in the world! These are but a few of the inspiring women making a lasting difference in their life's work.

The Miss Hall’s Graduate

The Miss Hall’s School graduate is a thinker, a creator, and a contributor to the common good. She is a global citizen, a self-aware, resilient, and courageous participant in a multicultural society. Empowered by skills and knowledge, the Miss Hall’s School graduate is able to solve problems with intellect and creativity while embracing a spirit of exploration and curiosity. Through her words and actions, and aligned with her core values, she is prepared to navigate varied contexts with the fluency, generosity of spirit, and wisdom to lead a purposeful life.

Guided by the mission and core values of Miss Hall’s School, our graduates will demonstrate the following core competencies:

  • Vision is the willingness to dream, imagine possibilities, conceive bold and ambitious goals, and set a course to achieve them. Young women with vision nurture curiosity, innovate, recognize opportunities, and act as allies for others.
  • Voice is the power to articulate ideas with authenticity and confidence. Young women with voice present themselves with integrity, communicate effectively, confidently advocate and negotiate, and demonstrate and command respect.
  • Interpersonal Efficacy is the intersection of empathy, self-awareness, and cultural competency. Young women with interpersonal efficacy navigate diverse contexts with ease while maintaining consistency of character and building strong relationships and networks.
  • Gumption is the strength of mind and character to seek out challenges and grow from failure. Young women with gumption take calculated risks to create change, practice self-reflection, and distinguish the pursuit of one’s best self from the pressure for perfection.

Five years ago, the Miss Hall’s community identified the core competencies that we want to see in all of our graduates. The statement above comes from our strategic design document.

Second Tuesday Series

A series of virtual gatherings held throughout the 2020-2021 school year, featuring bold and creative graduates of Miss Hall’s as they inspire and educate our community. Watch recordings from our past sessions!

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